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Christian audiobooks is unique

Ready to immerse yourself in God's Word and learn more about Him? These are the points that make the Christian audiobooks app unique.

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Eigenaar van Crhistelijke luisterboeken, Sander van Maastricht

About us

The guy behind the Christian audiobooks app

My passion is spreading the Kingdom of God, in any way possible and that is why I built this app. I am Sander van Maastricht, 19 years old and initiator of the Christian audiobooks app.<br/><br/>Together with my team we produce, publish and promote hundreds of audiobooks to be a blessing to you.

The app

The Christian audiobooks app is built for you

With the Christian audiobooks app you always have all your favorite Christian audiobooks at your fingertips. Just cleaning, on the bus or while driving? The Christian audiobooks app is within reach.

Christelijke luisterboeken app mockup, spreken in tongentaalChristelijke luisterboeken app mockup, spreken in tongentaal
Christelijke luisterboeken app mockup, Jezus Aanraken

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The app is full of powerful Christian books that will definitely help you further in your walk with God. So don't miss this opportunity!


What users say about the platform


“Great, I listen every day, builds up enormously.”


“Christian audiobooks is a beautiful app with great potential. I expect that eventually many thousands of people will be encouraged through this app!”


“Downloaded the app immediately when it was available !! Really great to listen to books while driving! Really recommended to download.”


“I am very grateful, no more excuse to listen to the word of God.”


“Super nice app to listen to in the car for example. Simple and beautifully designed”


“Great to listen to now too! Ideal to listen to these books in the car! Keep it up!”

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